The Great Ruler Chapter 882 - Sky Formation Emperor

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The crimson region was silent without any noise, there wasn’t even the slightest vitality in this region, as if it was a death zone. The death in it seemed like it was present ever since the ancient time.


Whizzes of wind suddenly rang out in this deathly region as two streaks of light beams appeared in the distant horizon. They flashed across the horizon in an instant.

Along with the appearance of those two streaks of light, the deathly silence in this region was finally broken apart, along with undulations that appeared in this oppressed region.

The two streaks of light beams were naturally Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli. After concluding their talk, they had both decided on a temporary cooperation.

After all, the two of them held caution and fear for this abnormal land. If the two of them could work together, then they could raise their chances of success.

However, the two of them did not converse much along the way. Mu Chen also did not take the initiative to talk but followed behind Zhantai Liuli, allowing her to lead the way. Clearly, despite both of them having chosen to cooperate, someone as cautious as him still wouldn’t completely place his trust in Zhantai Liuli.

The two of them travelled without words and their journey lasted for nearly ten minutes before Zhantai Liuli started to slow down and her beautiful face turned even more grave.

Sensing Zhantai Liuli slowing down, Mu Chen had directed his gaze into the distance and his spirit lightly trembled. In the distance, the crimson region gradually turned dark and the region of darkness seemed like an abyssal prison from afar.

A stone base could be vaguely seen in the black hole, where a blurred figure sat on it. A powerful pressure was emanating from that blurred figure that gradually filled this entire space.

Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli both stopped their figures and did not advance any further, fixing their gazes at the blurred figure that was seated on the stone base in the darkness.

“After tens of thousands of years, there’s finally someone…”

A hoarse and old voice rang out in this region of darkness, causing the darkness to faintly ripple as the blurred figure on the stone base slowly raised his head.

It was a deeply set face with traces of time filling his face. Except, his eyes looked like empty holes when he saw Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli.

“This liege is the Sky Formation Emperor. Since the two of you can get through the Four Spiritual Battle Formation left behind by this liege, then the two of you must be talented in the ways of Battle Will. My consciousness will soon dissipate, and the inheritance of this liege is left to the fated one…”

The blurred silhouette spoke in a hoarse voice and his energy seemed to be gradually dissipating before he weakly waved his hand. “The two of you, come here…”

Hearing his words, Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli’s gaze flickered, but the two of them did not move and fixed their gazes on the Sky Formation Emperor.

When that silhouette saw Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli remained standing and did not come up in excitement to receive the inheritance, his stiffened face briefly paused and did not speak. He slowly leaned on the stone base as his body withered even more, as if he was gradually disappearing.

However, Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli still did not move.

That silhouette did not make any movements and this region returned to silence with an abnormal and stiffened atmosphere enveloping this region…

The deathly silence lasted for ten minutes… twenty minutes…

Zhantai Liuli’s gaze gradually furrowed as she cast a glance at Mu Chen. However, the latter had unnoticeably, gently shaken his head, so she suppressed the urge in her heart.

As time passed, the silhouette weakly closed his eyes that seemed like black holes in the darkness. In the next moment, he suddenly opened his eyes and a sinister light beamed from them, his face had also turned extremely eerie as he stared at Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli. His sharp voice contained a little rage as it rang out, “You two brats can really hold yourselves really well!”

Hearing his voice, only then did Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli feel relieved as the former laughed, “I have to say, you’re pretty senseless, to actually put up this sort of act…”


When Zhantai Liuli heard his words, she couldn’t help letting out a soft laughter as she cast a glance at Mu Chen. Facing this evil spirit that could invade the body of the Sky Formation Emperor, the evil spirit had been turned into a bad kid in Mu Chen’s eyes.

The ‘Sky Formation Emperor’ eerily looked at Mu Chen and his stiffened face slightly twitched as he coldly said, “A brat that’s only at Fourth Grade Sovereign. You’re not even an ant in my eyes, yet you dare to act so impudent before me!”

Mu Chen maintained a calm expression as he replied, “If you’re truly that capable, you would have come out to get rid of us. What’s the need to speak so much with us?”

The ‘Sky Formation Emperor’ eerily looked at Mu Chen, before coldly sneering, “What a cautious fellow. But if you want to delay for time, then do as you please. I have already waited for tens of thousands of years, why would I care for this little time? If you guys want that fellow’s inheritance, then it’s impossible without getting rid of me.”

Mu Chen completely disregarded him as he looked at Zhantai Liuli and asked, “Where’s the battle formation left behind by the Sky Formation Emperor that you spoke of?”

Right now, the Sky Formation Emperor clearly had his body taken over by the evil spirit. Although Mu Chen wasn’t clear of his strength, he definitely wouldn’t enter the darkness so lightly.

Therefore, if they wanted to deal with this fellow, then they could only rely on the battle formation left behind by the Sky Formation Emperor.

Hearing his question, Zhantai Liuli swept her eyes over the land and after a long while, she lightly knitted her brows, unable to discover any traces of the battle formation that was left behind.

“Could it be that the battle formation has been destroyed?” Zhantai Liuli furrowed her brows. But this was immediately overruled by her. If that battle formation had been destroyed, then that evil spirit wouldn’t have to resort to such a scam to bluff them and could kill the both of them directly.

Zantai Liuli’s gaze lightly flickered then, a brief moment later, she suddenly looked at the darkness and waved her hand. Immediately, Spiritual Energy swept out and the black aura was being swept away from the darkness below…

Along with the dissipating black aura, the situation below was entirely revealed before Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli. It was a troop of statues. They were all filled with rock patches on their bodies and were standing still. But, vaguely, there was a fearful killing intent that swept out. It still remained even after tens of thousands of years.

“What a powerful troop!” Zhantai Liuli softly praised.

“They aren’t statues.” Mu Chen narrowed his eyes as he realised that despite the statues’ outer appearances, the expressions on their faces weren’t emotionless. There were some emotions held in their expressions.

“This troop was probably the personal troop of the Sky Formation Emperor, the strongest troop under his command. Back then, when he suffered the invasion of the evil spirit, this personal troop had used their Spiritual Energy to petrify themselves and formed this battle formation in an attempt to suppress and kill the evil spirit.”

Zhantai Liuli sighed, “We’re also lucky that this personal troop wasn’t in the Four Spiritual Battle Formation. Otherwise, even if it was weakened after experiencing the passing of time, we still wouldn’t have been able to make it through.”

Mu Chen nodded his head. After carefully looking at this stone troop, his gaze suddenly trembled. He saw that there seemed to be over ten thousand grey strands of light coming from the heads of the stone troop. Those grey strands of light had penetrated through the darkness and had gathered beneath the stone base of that ‘Sky Formation Emperor’.

The grey strands of light seemed to be the reason why the ‘Sky Formation Emperor’ couldn’t leave this darkness.

In the darkness, after seeing that the stone troop that he had concealed had been discovered by Zhantai Liuli, his stiffened face slightly changed and his eerie gaze had started to turn a little ferocious.

“Just you two brats wish to activate the battle formation left by that fellow?!” The ‘Sky Formation Emperor’ coldly sneered with endless mockery in his voice. If he was at his peak, he could easily annihilate Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli with a single blow of his breath. Therefore, he did not place the two of them in his eyes right from the start.

“Miss Zhantai, I’ll probably have to depend on you, now.” Mu Chen looked at Zhantai Liuli as she gently smiled.

Zhantai Liuli softly nodded her head, then grasped her hand. A coarse stone seal had appeared in her hand with a flash, it only had the size of her palm, with bizarre runes vaguely being shown on it. Mu Chen wasn’t a stranger to those runes, those were Battle Runes…

Furthermore, Mu Chen had also realised that the moment Zhantai Liuli took out that stone seal, tremors seemed to have come from the stone troop down below.

“King Mu, this stone seal can activate the stone troop. But it requires a massive amount of Spiritual Energy to activate it, which I am unable to accomplish with myself alone. So I’ll need your help.” Zhantai Liuli smiled.

Mu Chen deeply cast a glance at Zhantai Liuli. This girl was truly cautious, since she was clearly worried that after exhausting a huge amount of Spiritual Energy, she wouldn’t be able to compete with him so she wanted the two of them to work together.

But Mu Chen had no opinion on this matter, since the most important matter right now was to deal with the ‘Sky Formation Emperor’. Therefore, he had nodded his head and stretched out his palm.

The stone seal hovered in their two palms. A boundless Spiritual Energy instantly surged from their palms, and swiftly poured into that ancient stone seal.

Buzz! Buzz!

Along with the two of them endlessly pouring their Spiritual Energy within it, the stone seal started to emit buzzing noises and the dimmed Battle Runes on it had gradually started to turn brilliant.

Furthermore, when the stone seal turned radiant, the eyes of the statue-like stone troop down below had also slowly started to open.

Instantly, the countenance of the ‘Sky Formation Emperor’ on the stone base drastically changed!
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