History is Number 1 Founder 14 Two Rings

by August Eagle 2020-10-23 13:03:46
It was only when Xiao Yan’s figure gradually disappeared that Lin Feng finally returned to his senses and he rushed to follow suit.

Xiao Yan actually had two rings. Lin Feng did not anticipate such a situation. Lin Feng felt uneasy in his heart, "Could it be that Xiao Yan actually carries around two old grandpas with him?"

F*ck, coach! I want to call foul! This is entirely against the rules!

Maybe only one ring carried the old grandpa and the other was just a normal ring?

Lin Feng thought about it; that might not be impossible. Maybe both rings were normal and there wasn’t an old grandpa in either?

Or maybe one had an old grandpa living in it and the other was hiding some kind of godly item?

A multitude of questions hovered in Lin Feng’s mind. While thinking, he had already followed Xiao Yan to a small lake in the northern part of the city.

Lin Feng observed the surrounding scenery; there were very few people. Looks like this was Xiao Yan’s private area. Whenever he’s troubled, he would come here to be by himself.

Lin Feng secretly nodded his head as he remembered this place. After the marriage annulment, Xiao Yan would most likely hide here to lick his wounds. That’s when the old grandpa would make his debut.

By the lake, the black-clothed teen had his hands behind his head. His head rested on his hands as he lay down on the grass. A grass stalk was dangling and swaying in his mouth.

Lin Feng stood far away and looked at Xiao Yan with an uncertain expression.

Right now, he was considering about taking Xiao Yan as his disciple before Murong Yanran breaks off the engagement. When the marriage annulment matter occurs, he might activate two old grandpas and there would be too much pressure on Lin Feng then.

Lin Feng was in the middle of thinking when he saw a couple of teens walking towards Xiao Yan. From the looks of it, they didn't have good intentions.

Secretly sighing, Lin Feng shook his head with an expression of pity.

But don’t get him wrong! He wasn't pitying the bullied Xiao Yan, but those idiots who were acting recklessly.

It’s true that Xiao Yan was down in the dumps and looked easy to bully, but one would have to pay a heavy price for bullying an MC like Xiao Yan.

After the marriage annulment, Xiao Yan would instantly be re-energized. At that time, he’ll be able to blow away hundreds of these little characters with a single sneeze.

But these kids won't need to wait for Xiao Yan to be re-energized. They would be blown away right now.

This was an opportunity delivered straight to Lin Feng.

After straightening his taoist robe, adjusting his taoist hat and ensuring that his sage-like appearance was flawless, Lin Feng let out a dry cough and prepared to make his appearance.

"If you guys want to spar, Zhen’Er is always ready to play. We don't need Brother Xiao Yan to personally dirty his hands."

Hearing this, Lin Feng almost tripped on his taoist robe. He hastily stopped his footsteps and looked over; there was a young girl wearing a purple dress beautifully standing in front of Xiao Yan, quietly staring at the people who were provoking Xiao Yan.

The girl’s cold, indifferent aura was like a newly blossomed lotus. She was at such a young age but she already had such a refined aura. It’s hard to imagine how beautiful this girl would be when she grows up.

Lin Feng, who was watching from afar, also praised her secretly. This girl was already a stunning beauty at such a young age. She was slightly superior to Murong Yanran, and was almost as beautiful as that peach tree demon, Long Ye. When she matures, she would definitely be able to rival Long Ye.

However, she really came at the wrong time.

Before Lin Feng could lament over his misfortune, he suddenly heard the system notification sound, "Target discovered. Suitable to become host’s disciple."

"Hm? Could my luck actually have taken a turn for the better?" Lin Feng was dazed for a moment before instantly feeling elated. He now gazed at the purple-clothed girl as though he was looking at a golden hen that can lay golden eggs.

"Talent organization complete! Target’s data is as follows:

Bone Root → 9; Comprehension → 8; Will → 7; Luck → 6."

"Conclusion: Target’s talent is extremely high. Recommended to take her in as a disciple and guide her carefully. She will definitely become a pillar of the sect."

"Special Note: The target’s current level is a stage higher than the host’s."

Lin Feng was listening cheerfully to the system but when he became speechless the moment he heard the last sentence.

A stage higher? She a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator?

Lin Feng swallowed his saliva and closely observed the purple-clothed girl. The mana in her body was abundant and had form a loop. This exactly represented the completion and perfection of the Qi Disciple level 12.

Qi Disciple level 12: All 12 nerve points were unlocked and connected as one. The mana stored in the nerve points was no longer isolated as pools of dead water concentrated around the nerve points. Instead, the mana had turned into a surging river, constantly circulating in the cultivator’s body.

There was a huge jump in power from Qi Disciple level 11 to Qi Disciple level 12.

Moreover, the Foundation Establishment stage was an entirely different concept. If the Qi Disciple level 12 could be likened a river, then the Foundation Establishment stage was like an ocean. It was a complete different level.

No matter how Lin Feng looked, the purple-clothed girl was at Qi Disciple level 12. However, since the system said that she was at the Foundation Establishment stage, it should be true. Perhaps this little girl had some means to hide her level.

After knowing that this girl was at the Foundation Establishment stage, Lin Feng immediately got rid of his thought of trying to take her as his disciple in the near future.

Reaching Foundation Establishment stage at 13 or 14 years of age, her cultivating speed was even scarier than Xiao Yan’s. Their bone roots and comprehension weren’t that different. There’s no other reason, this girl definitely had a big background. She must have obtained much better cultivating resources than Xiao Yan ever since she was young.

Until he learnt about her background, Lin Feng would not act rashly. Of course, she could be a long term target.

In the short term, his focus was the MC, Xiao Yan.

With the purple-clothed girl protecting Xiao Yan, the couple of teens who wanted to bully Xiao Yan could only retreat, cursing as they left.

"I really can’t understand why Miss Zhen Er protects that trash."

"Exactly, it’s inconceivable."

Lin Feng secretly laughed. This Miss Zhen Er was definitely the fated female lead in the story of Xiao Yan, this MC.

She had a deep background and she genuinely wanted to help Xiao Yan.

Her individual talent was high and her cultivating speed could also keep up with Xiao Yan’s future advancements.

Her personality was good. She was gentle and strong; soft on the outside and tough on the inside. Moreover, she loved Xiao Yan to her very core…

This was the perfect female lead.

While having these thoughts, Lin Feng followed those teenagers and walked to a place where Xiao Yan and Zhen Er could not see. Lin Feng asked smilingly, "Was that the notorious Xiao family prodigy? Why does he only know how to hide under the skirts of women?"

Those teenagers were all stunned for a moment before feeling as though they had met a long lost friend. Lin Feng’s sentence was virtually what was in their hearts.

One person sighed and said, "You don’t understand. Miss Zhen Er was cherishing her old friendships. She and Xiao Yan grew up together so after Xiao Yan turned into trash she still protects him."

One of the teens beside him snorted coldly, "It’s just that that trash is too thick-skinned and takes advantage of Miss Zhen Er. If I was him, I’d have crawled into a hole a long time ago."

After laughing and going along with them, Lin Feng suddenly asked, "Why is that Xiao Yan wearing a string around his neck with two rings on it? This is pretty interesting, it’s my first time seeing that."

One of the teens curled his lips, "One was from his father, the other was from his mother. We all say that those two rings are cursed since both of them are already dead. Only Xiao Yan still treats them like treasures and carries them around with him, afraid that he might lose them."

After hearing this, everything in front of Lin Feng went black.

F*ck! Relics from his parents… Double the heritage, double the opportunities, double the old grandpas…

Lin Feng turned around and left.

Of course he’s not giving up on Xiao Yan. Instead he needed to make more adequate preparations. He would not stop until he succeeds.

So what if there were two old grandpas? The disciple would still be mine!