The Rest Of My Life Is For You 20 It has to be her!

by Stupa Demon 2020-10-23 16:15:43
The moment Fang Zhenyi spoke, she saw Xiao Liuliu's little head poking out of the bed automatically.

Her little face appeared burning red due to the fever.

Twisting her head, she glanced toward the direction of Fang Zhenyi...

Everyone was very surprised at this scene; even Fang Zhenyi thought that success was just around the corner.

The next second, her tiny lips shrivelled.


Heartbreaking cries filled the entire room in an instant.

Fang Zhenyi wanted to say something, but before she had the chance to approach Xiao Liuliu, Xiao Liuliu had already pounced into Yu Yuehan's arms, wailing loudly while hugging him like an abandoned child.

"So scary..."

"I don't want her, I only want Pretty Sister..."

"I am going to die without Pretty Sister..."

"Nonsense!" Yu Yuehan's heart shrank, and the arm holding her tightened. "With Daddy around, you will be fine."

"I am going to die of sadness without Pretty Sister, sobs..." Xiao Liuliu raised her fair, tender arms and wiped her tears pitifully.

Tears started to drip down after she sobbed twice.

Yu Yuehan: "..."

"Why are all of you still standing here? Go and look for Nian Xiaomu now!"

"Young, Young Master, do you mean to allow Nian Xiaomu to return and take care of Little Miss?" the butler asked blankly, stunned by the screams.

Yu Yuehan stared at him through the corner of his eyes, "What choice otherwise?!"

Otherwise? Allow his little princess to die of sorrow?

"Yes, yes, yes, I shall invite her over immediately!" The butler turned and ran away hurriedly upon receiving the order.

The atmosphere in the room seemed to ease as soon as the butler left.

Upon knowing that Nian Xiaomu was returning, Xiao Liuliu halted her tears immediately. She stopped crying in an instant, teardrops still dripping down her cheeks.

She stumbled into Yu Yuehan's arms and cooed softly, "Daddi, carry me~"


Yu Yuehan looked at his little girl, whose mood was like sunny weather transformed from a thunderstorm. He reached forward and stroked the middle of her eyebrows.

"Take the medicine first."

"No, I want Pretty Sister to feed me." Xiao Liuliu buried her face into his chest cheekily, refusing his request in a small voice.

She would not take the medicine if she did not see Pretty Sister.

What if Daddi did not allow Pretty Sister to return after she took her medicine?

Yu Yuehan's heart stifled as he carried the little girl—she was even wary of him.

"Give the butler a call. Get him to bring Nian Xiaomu back as soon as possible!"


In a single apartment.

Nian Xiaomu turned her anger into sleepiness as soon as she got home and went to bed after washing up.

However, she could not sleep despite tossing and turning—she wasn't sure if she was too angry or if she was truly worried about Xiao Liuliu.

It wasn't until midnight that she finally started to get drowsy.




The doorbell rang persistently, again and again.

"What time is it now? Trust me when I say that I will complain about all of you for disturbing..." Nian Xiaomu pulled the door open roughly. She stopped her mumbling in an instant when she saw the people who stood outside her door.

Dressed in black and white business attire, the butler and a few of his bodyguards posed outside her apartment, just like door deities.

The way they stared at her was so intense and warm, like a freshly baked potato, that she couldn't help but shrink back and shiver.

Was she dreaming or was she witnessing something ghostly?

"Ms. Nian, this is the situation. We got to know your residential address from your resume during the interview, hence our trip here is with the hope that you can return back to the Yu residence and take care of our Little Miss," the butler bowed and spoke ever so politely.

"... invite me to return?" Nian Xiaomu pointed at her own nose and repeated with uncertainty.